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» Garry's Mod Rules:
Wed Jun 18, 2014 1:57 pm by Battle8111

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 Garry's Mod Rules:

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PostSubject: Garry's Mod Rules:    Wed Jun 18, 2014 1:57 pm

Our Teamspeak 3 Rules:

1. Don't Voice/text spam
2. No hacks
3. Don't be a dick

Rules for DarkRP

Note for DarkRP Commands: Use F1 and then use the search bar in the top right hand corner to find the chat commands.


and/or overwritten by the mayor):

1) Printers and Drugs are ILLEGAL

2) Guns/Knifes in Public (except pistols) ARE ILLEGAL

3) Killing, raiding, and etc. is ILLEGAL

These rules are updated on a regular basis, so check them often and learn them!

General Rules:

1. No RDMing, if you don't know what that is, it means no random deathmatching.

2. Roleplay, do not use OOC(Out of character) for Roleplay! Keep it in Advertisements (/advert) and in text to text chat OR Voice chat!

3. Do not complain! If you have a issue, talk to another player or admin! They can help!

4. No hacking or exploiting. If you do you will get banned. There will be no warnings. There will be no second chances. Period.

5. If you have suspicion of a person whom is hacking, record it and upload it. The staff will view it and make our decision.

6. The only jobs that CAN raid are Thiefs, Mob Boss(with his gangsters) and of course, the police.  

7. NLR(New Life Rule) applies here, do not return to your place of death for at least TWO minutes. You forget everything that happened in the previous life.

8. No prop blocking or prop spamming, if you do, you will have your stuff removed and probably get abused a bit. Don't be that guy. Thanks.

9. No fading door abuse(opening a fading door using the binded key). It's just pretty unfair and you'll be asked to remove it.

10. Please no propkillarino- No prop killing simply.

11. Offensive/sexual sprays are not allowed.

12. Advertising any community/forum or whatever isn't allowed.

13. Groves and Ballads can kill ONLY EACH OTHER, not Cops, the Mayor, or Citizens.

14. Do not Fail to Role Play(FailRP)! For example, do not go up to someone, and start shooting them. You first interact with them via text or voice chat in a role-play manner saying something like this,"give me your money, or come with me or you will die".
Its important that you make communication before you do your crime, you arrest someone, or whatever the situation calls.

15. Hacking Threats or DDOS threat attack will result in immediate ban.

16. Players can not own doors to a building they are not using!

17. KOS Lines are allowed! But, they must be close to the building they are blocking AND they must have text indicating what it is.

18. Prop Climbing, Prop Flying, Prop Killing and etc. is NOT ALLOWED! Not on a house, not into a house. Now, you can having flying bases via elevator with keypad and etc. But, No prop climbing via making stairs and etc.

19. NO PROPS IN SPAWN! It might accidentally kill a new player and drive them away!

Job Specific Rules:

Law enforcement & Government Officials:
Corrupt officers are ALLOWED, in the sense of both making drugs, selling them and accepting bribes to "ignore" crimes. (A bribe can not be used to arrest or kill another player)
Corrupt officers can be arrested if doing illegal activities
Random Search and Seizure of a player is not allowed! You must have actual cause .

         +Actual Cause is defined acceptable when a player is...
            -Carrying an illegal weapon
            -Seen selling drugs or containing of other illegal paraphernalia (like a money printer)
            -Hearing a Money Printer or Drug Lab beeping.
            -Assaulting another player
            -Breaking a law defined by the Mayor

Warrants can only be placed when there is probable cause!
NLR applies to cops, and they can NOT enter the area they just died from.  But they pursue the player that murdered them if they are doing a illegal crime.
The Mayor can be corrupt, as he can manipulate the police force to do illegal drug activities(If the cops are Corrupt themselves).
The Mayor's laws must be reasonable! Like the mayor can not make a law that bans a certain job, and/or you must give money to the Government every five minutes or etc.
The Mayor can only bring the town into lock-down if there is a take over of a government office or the killing of many(four plus) Government officials within five minutes.
SWAT Sniper can only fire from a distance IF ordered either by the Mayor or Civil Protection Chief. (In like a Raid operation or to take down a Terrorist)

The Mob Boss and the Gangsters:
The Mob Boss can only mug and/or raid players when he has at least one gangster with him.  
Gangsters MUST listen to the Mob Boss's orders at all times! EXCEPTION: The Mob Boss and other gangsters CAN NOT kill each other and/or mug each other!
Mob Boss must be active with his Gangsters, he can not simply stay at a base and do nothing.

Gun Dealers & Black Market Dealer:

Gun dealers or Black Market Dealers do NOT have to sell weapons to players they do not trust with a weapon- For example, a player tries to raid another player, the raid fails as the police arrest this player. The player leaves jail and tries to buy a gun from you, then only don't have to sell them a weapon. If they player dies in the raid, Then NLR applies to that player (as he died and he does not know you ), so you must sell him a weapon. If the raid is successful, and you die, then you must sell him a weapon as your died and NLR applies to you.
You must sell guns to police at all times, no matter if you like that officer or not.
If a Gun Dealer or Black Market Dealer does not have a permanent gun store, and someone uses /advert to call upon a gun dealer, then the gun dealer MUST go to that player to sell them a gun.

The Groves and Ballads:

The Groves and Ballads can ONLY kill each other on sight with the proper Roleplay. No killing of Cops, or citizens and etc. But before the factions start killing each other, they must ROLEPLAY; For example, saying: "This is our Turf!" Or "you gonna die!" There must be Roleplay!
Each faction can define Turf, but this must be clearly labeled in the a paint or textscreen.(Essentially Graffiti).
These factions CAN NOT attack Government officials unless in self defense.
These factions CAN NOT take Government officials hostage.
These factions CAN NOT take over Government buildings.
These factions CAN mug Citizens that come within the defined Turf.
Groves and Ballas can NOT kill each other in internal strife, we consider that RDM.

Hobos are the only ones that can build outside ans only on the side of the Street.
If a hobo throws crap at a player, that player can kill them. (Unless the Mayor says other wise on the Laws of the Land Board)
If the hobo throws crap at a officer, he can be arrested and or killed if the same player has done it multiple times before. (Unless the Mayor says other wise on the Laws of the Land Board)

Thief's CAN raid together, but this might change in time as we get acquire more slots.
If you are pick pocketing a player, that player can kill you during/several seconds after the action.
Pickpocketing of AFK players is allowed.
Thief's must announced their raid in /advert before raiding.  

Assassins can only kill players that have a hit on them.
Assassins can not drop there gun and give it to them to their selfs
Hits have to be less than 5,000 DarkRP Cash(do /hitprice to change the hit amount)

Al Qaeda Terrorists and Al Qaeda Leader:
Al Qaeda members can take over Government Buildings and raid them on a regular basis(within five min gaps)
Al Qaeda members can ONLY Raid Government Buildings and NOTHING else.
Al Qaeda Terrorists can only conduct Raiding, Assassination government members, bombings and take hostages when there is Al Qaeda Leader, and the Al Qaeda Leader MUST have a Planned Agenda before doing such actions.
Terrorists can not kill each other in internal strife.

-Thanks, [TSGT]Battle8111

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Garry's Mod Rules:
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